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Increasing the active involvement of people with disabilities into recreational fishing through coordinated and regular volunteer supported fishing events

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Fishing is for everyone!


It’s no secret that fishing is an amazing way to connect with our environment, facilitate social interaction and a sense of belonging and bring adventure to anglers’ lives. Access to and participation in recreational fishing should be available to all Victorians. This program is delivered by Fishcare Victoria and funded through the revenue generate from the sales of recreational fishing licenses in Victoria. The program advocates and promotes inclusive participation for one of Australia’s most popular recreational activities.


Our Participant Feedback

Hear from the people who participate in our program and learn about the impact that our inclusive program is having for individuals and communities across Victoria. 

Case Worker Interview

Participant Interview #1

Participant Interview #2

Participant Interview  #3


We are a community operated not-for-profit charity with the motto ‘We Fish, We Care’. Our work promotes responsible fishing practices and increased stewardship of Victoria’s aquatic environments and is funded through the Recreational Fishing Licence trust fund. Fishcare is operated by enthusiastic volunteers with regional groups across Victoria, from Warrnambool in the west, to Ballarat and as far east as Mallacoota. 

Our aim is to promote responsible approaches to fishing and to share in the care and management of our precious aquatic environments.


Being a not-for-profit, charity registered organisation Fishcare Victoria is continually looking for investment, and corporate volunteering groups to partner with us to deliver fishing clinics across the state.

We have received some seed funding to establish this worthwhile program but we are seeking ongoing sponsorship to ensure the longevity of this program and ensure that fishing really is accessbile to everyone.

Our program provides a sense of community to those who may be socially isolated because of their disability as well as provides the equipment and support to get outdoors and give recreational fishing a go.

If you or your or organisation are interested in become a FishAbility program partner, please contact us to schedule a meeting with our Operations Manager.


Become a volunteer!

We are always welcoming new volunteers to our Fishcare Victoria team. If you are interested in becoming a FishAbility volunteer and assisting in the delivery of fishing clinics and supporting people with disabilities to engage and have fun fishing, please register your interest today!



Fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities in Australia. While so many fishers take for granted the opportunity of heading to the water and casting a line, it is evident that there are barriers hindering people with disabilities from being able to do the same. Fishcare Victoria has conducted informal and ad hoc all ability fishing clinics since 2010 which has been an unfunded volunteer run and coordinated program. With an increasing appetite for all ability clinics which can be linked to improved facilities and access to our aquatic environments Fishcare sees a great opportunity to commit to and lead the development of a well resourced and sustainable all ability fishing program.

This program partners with disability providers, agencies and local councils to improve opportunities and access to get outdoors and enjoy the excitement and reward of fishing. Regular all ability fishing clinics offer opportunities for Victorians who face significant life challenges and find it difficult to engage with our fisheries, to enjoy the magic of fishing. It’s no secret that fishing is an amazing way to connect with our environment, facilitate social interaction and a sense of belonging and bring adventure to anglers’ lives. 

Program Objectives


Increase the active involvement of people with disabilities into recreational fishing through coordinated and regular fishing events


Partner with government, agencies, local councils and organisations and develop strategic cooperative arrangements


Promote responsible fishing practices as well as rules and regulations to participants and care givers


Be advocates in promoting inclusive participation in recreational fishing

We work closely with these partners to deliver the program

And we are looking to build more partnerships

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us!

Our dedicated staff team

Ian Whiteside

FishAbility & Port Phillip Facilitator

Ian is our Fishcare & Fishability Facilitator for Port Phillip & Westernport, and brings a wealth of fishing experience to the role, combined with a love of our aquatic waterways & the environment.
Ian loves a chat & is always happy to share a fishing tip or two, but he is particularly passionate about the care of our precious fishing resources & their natural habitat, and is keen to educate our kids to help secure our future fishing opportunities.
If he’s not running one of our popular fishing clinics, you’ll usually find him on the water somewhere!

Sarah van Stokrom

Executive Officer

With a background in environmental science and a passion for conservation, Sarah has been pivotal in driving Fishcare Victoria’s initiatives towards educating anglers about sustainable fishing, habitat protection and species conservation. Before joining Fishcare Victoria, Sarah garnered extensive experience in natural resource management and community engagement. She worked with various non-profits and governmental organisations, where she developed programs focused on conservation and environmental education. Sarah continues to be a vocal advocate for the health and wellbeing outcomes responsible recreational fishing can provide and is committed to shaping a future where fishing practices and conservation efforts go hand in hand.

Jenny Allitt

East Gippsland Facilitator

Jenny enjoys assisting children and parents gain the required knowledge and skills needed to fish with a sustainable mindset learned through the Fishcare Program. Jenny brings extensive knowledge of native and pest aquatic species and is passionate about people taking ownership for the different aquatic environments in which we share.

Contact us

If you would like to know more or have an enquiry about our program, please feel to contact us with your enquiry.

FishAbility by Fishcare Victoria

Executive Officer – Sarah van Stokrom
0437 672 242

Program Contact – Ian Whiteside
0419 591 761